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Fun Facts About the Chinese Zodiac Signs Year of the Ox 2021

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Discover the zodiac animal within you and fun tea drinks to go along with your winning personality!
9 dragons tea blog chinese new year of the ox 2021 chinese zodiac animal signs
9 dragons tea blog chinese new year of the ox 2021 chinese zodiac animal signs
Discover the zodiac animal within you and fun tea drinks to go along with your winning personality!

As we enter the zodiac Year of the Ox 2021, let’s take a look at the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and see what’s in store for us in the Lunar New Year. First of all, the Ox represents the second of all zodiac animals or Sheng Xiao (生肖) in Chinese astrology.

According to Chinese legend, the Jade Emperor decided the zodiac animals’ order be determined by a race held on his birthday. There were 12 animals in the competition, each representing one of the 12-year-cycle of the Chinese New Year.

The ox leads the race to cross the river, heading to the finish line. However, the intelligent rat convinced the kind ox (the world’s first recorded Uber ride!) for a free trip. It might’ve been a T-mobile Tuesday coupon. The ox agreed. But just as the ox approached the finish line, the clever rat jumped off the ox, scoring to cross the finish line for the first place! Therefore, the rat appears as the first of the 12 zodiac animals.

While both the Chinese and Western zodiacs are broken down into twelve segments, the Chinese zodiac is separated by years rather than months. After such a rocky 2020, you might be interested in what Chinese astrology says about 2021. So keep on reading, and we’ll walk you through every zodiac sign and give you an overview of what to expect in this Lunar New Year of the Ox. To find out your zodiac animal sign, refer to the chart below by your birth year.

9 dragons tea-chinese zodiac animals by year
Chinese zodiac animal signs by year

History of the Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac is composed of twelve animals. Nobody knows precisely when the zodiac came into existence, but records revealed that the zodiac appeared during the Han Dynasty (starting 202 B.C.). The zodiac also has roots in early Chinese astronomy.

In ancient China, astronomers would use the planet Jupiter as a constant. The planet makes a full orbit around the earth every 12 years, so the Chinese zodiac consists of a 12-year cycle.

Aside from satisfying the people’s spiritual needs, the emperors relied heavily on astrology and astronomy to ensure harmony for everything on earth, so he needed to be accurate in all astronomical matters. The zodiac animals / Chinese horoscope helped the emperors better understand the stars’ positioning and the cosmos. After all, the emperor was supposed to have a mandate of heaven or (Tian-ming) to rule.

Each of the 12 zodiac animals stands for one year in a 12-year cycle. Each zodiac animal also stands for one day in a 12-day cycle and every two hours in a 24-hour day.

Fun Facts

The Chinese element is a yin metal ox 2021. The year of metal is good for business and finance, especially for people born in the Dragon, Rat, and Goat years. According to the Chinese calendar, the vital energy could cause issues at work, so watch out. Also, the risk-takers born in the Monkey, Horse, and Tiger years will get unexpected opportunities. For the Ox, your lucky numbers are 1 and 9; your lucky colors are blue and red; and your zodiac’s flowers are evergreen, peach, and tulip.

The 12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac

9 dragons tea-chinese zodiac animal signs yin yang sign
Yin Yang nature of the Chinese zodiac signs

The Chinese zodiac animals are said to have lucky meanings. People who ascribe to the zodiac associate each animal sign with specific traits. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Rat

The first animal in the Chinese zodiac is the Rat. The last Rat year was 2020, and many might find that to be an accurate animal sign for that year. Rats are smart, resourceful, and quick-witted. However, they lack courage. With sharp observations and big imaginations, a rat can take advantage of various opportunities. In Chinese culture, a rat represents thriftiness and diligence. So a person who is born in a Rat year is thought to be prosperous and wealthy.

For a rat-person, might we suggest you try a cup of Yellow tea? Discover tea’s health benefits here.

9 dragons tea-Yellow tea
Glorious Yellow tea

A shrewd Rat would do well to utilize this tea that’s full of brain-boosting properties and antioxidants.

Some famous people born in the year of the Rat include Richard M. Nixon (1913), Rosa Parks (1913), and Wilt Chamberlain (1936).

Rats are compatible with the ox and the dragon. Friends with the snake.  Incompatible with the horse and the rooster.

2. Ox

2021 will be the Year of the Ox. Known for having determination, strength, and diligence, the reliable ox embodies conservative and traditional characteristics. A female ox makes for a loving partner who will attach great importance to her children’s education. A male ox is patriotic, ambitious, and places a lot of importance on work and family.

For an ox, I suggest trying some Puer or Pu-erh tea. Earthy and aromatic, Puer tea is bold, strong, and filled with health benefits. Puer is courageous tea!

9 dragons tea-puer tea pu-erh tea-tea cake
Puer or Pu-erh tea is the oldest tea and comes from big leaf-trees.

Some famous people born in the Year of the Ox include Barack Obama (1961), Charles Lindbergh (1902), and Margaret Thatcher (1925). We’ll get to more information about the Ox year later.

Ox is compatible with the rat, the monkey, and the rooster. Incompatible with the tiger, the dragon, the horse, and the goat.

3. Tiger

2010 was the most recent Year of the Tiger. As you might expect, a person born in the Tiger year is confident, competitive, and courageous. They can be charming and liked by others. A Tiger can have strict judgment and a stubborn personality. Tigers tend to express themselves boldly and can be authoritative at times.

An adventurous drink for an adventurous animal, all tigers should give Lapsang Souchong black tea a try. Lapsang’s signature smoky aroma is perfect for the large cat in us.

9 dragons tea-Lapsang Souchong Black tea
Lapsang Souchong Black tea is a world-changing tea.
Fun Facts

Lapsang Souchong is historic tea. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Two-thirds of all the tea thrown into the Boson Harbor were Lapsang black tea, from Wuyishan (or Wuyi Mountains), Fujian, China. Also known as Bohea tea in the West (a common term for black tea from the 17th through 19th centuries), Lapsang Souchong black tea is the origin of the world’s black teas.

Some famous people born in the Tiger Year include Joe Louis (1914) and Marilyn Monroe (1926).

Tigers are compatible with the horse, the dragon, and the pig; incompatible with the ox, the tiger, the snake, and the monkey.

4. Rabbit

The next Rabbit year will be in 2023. A Rabbit tends to be alert, elegant, and gentle. Responsible, kind, and quick, Rabbits can also be stubborn and superficial.

A gentleman who belongs to the Rabbit sign will always treat others with respect. They are sincere and credible. A woman who is a Rabbit will be reserved and pure of heart. While Rabbits make for loyal companions, they are also reluctant to reveal what they’re thinking.

A delicate and sweet Rabbit would be wise to try some Rose herbal tea.

9 dragons tea-rose tea-herbal
Beautiful rose tea. Herbal and delightful.

Some famous people born in the year of the rabbit include Michael Jordan (1963), Whitney Houston (1963), and Frank Sinatra (1915).

Rabbits are compatible with the rat, the goat, the monkey, the dog, and the pig; incompatible with the snake and the rooster.

5. Dragon

The most recent year of the Dragon was in 2012. Out of all Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is the only one that doesn’t exist. It is also the most potent and vital animal in the zodiac and has a reputation for being hotheaded and having a sharp tongue. Dragons can be confident and enthusiastic. They don’t back away from challenges, and they like to take risks. However, a dragon can also be aggressive and may not handle criticism well.

A Dragon needs a tea that matches its power, skill, and strength. And for them, we recommend trying none other than Oolong DA HONG PAO varietal, one of the rarest and most expensive tea in the world.

9 dragons tea-Da Hong Pao-oolong tea
DA HONG PAO Oolong tea makes for a perfect Gong Fu Cha tasting journey.
Fun Facts

Oolong tea (烏龍茶) is one of the six major tea types in traditional Chinese tea. A semi-fermented tea, Oolong comes with a mystical origin in Wuyishan. Oolong means black dragon in Chinese. DA HONG PAO (大紅袍) varietal is the origin of Oolong tea.

Some famous people born in the year of the Dragon include Martin Luther King Jr. (1929), Stanley Kubrick (1928), and John Lennon (1940).

Dragons are compatible with the rat, the tiger, and the snake; incompatible with the ox, the goat, and the dog.

6. Snake

The next Snake year will be in 2025. Snakes are enigmatic and intuitive. They prefer to act based on their judgments and are private by nature. A Snake is determined to accomplish its goals, no matter what. Wise and intelligent, Snakes can also be materialistic and like to spend money. They want the best of everything. And they tend to lack patience.

Matcha Green tea is cherished in Japan, often prepared with rituals and reverence. And that’s why it’s perfect for the classy Snake. For those who love tea-lattes (a personal favorite), I highly recommend Matcha Green tea-latte!

9 dragons tea-matcha green tea and matcha green tea latte
Multi-faceted Matcha Green tea

Did you know that Matcha Green tea originated in China during the Song Dynasty (10th century)?  The Chinese called this Song tea-drinking tradition Whipped Tea or Dian Cha (點茶) then.

Some famous people born in the Snake year include John F. Kennedy (1917) and Muhammed Ali (1942).

Snakes are compatible with dragons and the rooster. Incompatible with the tiger, the rabbit, snake, the goat, and the pig.

7. Horse

The last year of the Horse was in 2014. Someone who is born in a Horse year will be very energetic, active, and animated. They love to be around people, appearing in public venues such as concerts, parties, and shows. A Horse can sometimes be self-centered and insecure, but they also have a great sense of humor.

For the fast and robust Horse, you might want to try an Orange Spiced Black tea. This zesty beverage gives you an extra energy boost with a dash of Vitamin C!

9 dragons tea-orange spiced tea
Want to spice up your favorite Black tea?

Some famous people born in the year of the Horse include Paul McCartney (1942), Nelson Mandela (1918), and Greta Thunberg (2003).

Compatible with the tiger and the goat. Incompatible with the rat, the ox, the horse, and the rooster.

8. Goat

Someone who is born in a Goat year is said to be sympathetic, kind, shy, and gentle. They are full of justice and kindheartedness. These people are very creative, and they usually persevere. The friendly and creative Goat deserves an innovative drink.

Make sure to try some Rooibos tea! This natural tonic is said to have health benefits such as improving your blood pressure and circulation. Rooibos tea also comes with some extra benefits to boost beauty and wellness, like keeping your hair and skin healthy and your mind sharp.

9 dragons tea-rooibos herbal tea
Revving up with Rooibos tea

Some famous people born in the year of the Goat include Kurt Cobain (1967), Bill Gates (1955), and George Harrison (1943).

Compatible with the rabbit, the horse, and the pig. Incompatible with the ox, the dragon, the snake, and the dog.

9. Monkey

The most recent Monkey year was in 2016. A Monkey has a magnetic personality and is smart and witty. Curious, intelligent, and mischievous, Monkeys love to play. Although they don’t have bad intentions, their jokes can sometimes hurt the feelings of others.

A delicious and decadent drink, Black Tea Latte is a perfect morning companion for any Monkey out there.

9 dragons tea-black tea latte
Black tea latte

Some famous people born in the year of the Monkey include Bob Marley (1945), Elizabeth Taylor (1932), and Homer Simpson (1956).

Compatible with the ox and the rabbit. Friends with the snake and fellow monkey. Incompatible with the tiger and the pig.

10. Rooster

The next Rooster year will be in 2029. The Rooster is resourceful, observant, and talented. Courageous and a bit flashy, a Rooster loves to talk openly and honestly. Roosters are the happiest when with others.

For the Rooster, I recommend some Iron Buddha Oolong tea.

9 dragons tea-iron buddha-oolong tea-gong fu cha ceremony kung fu tea
Gong Fu Cha-a perfect way to taste “Iron Buddha Oolong” tea

You might want to taste this fragrant Oolong tea using a Gong Fu Cha tea set for the flashy Rooster. Also called Kung Fu tea, this ancient tea tasting ritual started in the Southern regions of China, where tea-making was a way of life for thousands of years. Oolong tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Also great for cutting oil and grease after a meal. Want to lose weight?  We recommend drinking Oolong tea regularly to help with the diet.

Some famous people born in the Rooster year include Serena Williams (1981) and Yoko Ono (1933).

Roosters are compatible with the ox and the snake. Incompatible with the rat, rabbit, the horse, fellow roosters, and the dog.

11. Dog

The most recent Dog year was in 2018. Dogs are honest and loyal. Amiable and kind, dogs are prudent. Because dogs aren’t great at communicating, it can be hard for them to convey their feelings and thoughts to others. Dogs can sometimes feel cynical about the world, and they tend to be quick to criticize when things are wrong.

This reliable zodiac animal should try Jin Jun Mei (or Golden Eyebrow). You should taste the sophisticated Jin Jun Mei pure, a refined Black tea created by Lapang Souchong Company. For those who prefer to add milk and sugar to their tea, try English Black tea or Assam Black tea as pure tea or as a Black tea latte. Yum!

9 dragons tea-jin jun mei-lapsang souchong black tea-assam black tea-tea latte
A cup of Black tea for every taste bud

Some famous people born in the year of the Dog include Mother Teresa (1910), Elvis Presley (1935), and Donald Trump (1946).

Dogs are compatible with the rabbit, complementary to the rat, the tiger, the monkey, and the pig. Incompatible with the dragon, the goat, and the rooster.

12. Pig

The final animal in the Chinese zodiac is the Pig. The next Pig year will be in 2031. Generous, compassionate, and diligent pigs have great concentration. The determined pigs will do whatever within their powers to accomplish their goals. With a strong sense of responsibility, pigs handle everything with care and stay calm when faced with challenges.

A kindhearted Pig would love the benefits and beauty that come with a floral Green tea, like Jasmine Fairy Maiden Green tea or the famous Dragon Well Green tea. Both are classic Chinese Green teas, known for their health benefits, and are rich in anti-oxidants.

9 dragons tea-green tea
Classic Chinese Green tea-beautiful, healthy, zen.

Some famous people born in the year of the Pig include Ronald Reagan (1911), Weird Al Yankovic (1959), and Lucille Ball (1911).

Pigs are compatible with the tiger, the rabbit, and the goat. Friends with the dragon and fellow pig. Incompatible with the snake and the monkey.

What to Expect in the Year of the Ox 2021

Each year has its own Yin and Yang energy forces. In 2020, the world got an active and challenging dose of yang energy. In the year of Ox 2021, we’ll have a year of nourishment and stability associated with the yin energy.

“It is a bad plowman that quarrels with his ox.” – Korean proverb.

The ox is an overwhelmingly positive symbol in Asia. The Korean proverb above means that it’s not the ox’s fault if there’s a problem; it’s the ox’s master.

The Importance of Knowing About the Chinese Zodiac

The zodiac is a part of the ancient history of China. By learning about the Chinese zodiac, you can better appreciate China’s storied culture developed over the millennia. And hopefully, you gather some insights about yourself that help you thrive and make 2021 Year of the Ox a healthy and prosperous year beyond your imagination.

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