An Ancient, Mighty Civilization Built by Small Cups of Tea

The Chinese culture was infused with tea ever since the beginning…

Tea Was A Drink…
An Art Form…
A Communion…

The Way Of Tea – Chadao 茶道

In China, the art of tea-drinking evolved over the millennia. Tea is philosophy.
The art of tea is marked by major shifts in the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties. These traditional tea rituals represent ways for tea-drinkers to achieve calmness, peace. These rituals of tea are perhaps even more necessary for modern day living as it helps develop our capacity for mindfulness.

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Tang Dynasty

  • Cooked tea
  • Powdered tea

Song Dynasty

  • Whipped tea

Ming Dynasty

  • Steeped tea

Read about the details of these ancient tea-drinking traditions here.

Tea is Zen

In ancient China, Buddhist monks started cultivating tea first. Tea was a path to spiritual enlightenment. Tea was Zen. Heard of the Zen Tea Ceremony? Legend has it that the Buddhist monks at the Mount Tai temple in Shandong province created this spiritual practice during the Tang Dynasty.

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This Zen Tea Ceremony is still in practice today. Watch a short clip from 9

Tea is Art

Then the art of tea-making spread throughout the southern regions of China. As other districts adopted the drink, people infused tea with local customs. This is why the art of tea-drinking can vary from place to place to this day.

Starting around the 5th and 6th centuries, Chinese tea things sprung up as tea-drinking became more fashionable, including the famous Tang porcelain known as Yue Ware and celadon.

chinese tea history chinese teapots teapot yixing tea bowls
By the 7th century, or the Tang dynasty, the southerner’s drink became China’s national beverage.
Tea and the Chinese culture grew inseparable.
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