How tea flowed from China to the world

Golfers like Tee-Time. The English enjoy Tea-Time. We think you’ll love this Tea History Timeline illustrating the revered cuppa’s glorious history.

Origin In China

With ancient roots in China, the art of tea-making was refined and polished for thousands of years, passing down from fathers to sons, masters to apprentices. Tea-making was guarded as a national secret.

So how did tea spread to Japan, Europe, America, India, Sri Lanka? This is what makes tea history so fascinating, and the reason why we make this documentary.

The Origin Of Matcha And
 Japanese Tea Ceremony

Exotica, Fascination, And Romance…

A Love Affair That Brought Wars…

Fuel For The Spirit of Independence

The Crown, The Colony & the Tea Hunter

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In modern days, Shen Nong is like rolling Yoda, Groot, and the wisecracking astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon in “The Martian”) into a single person. See for yourself: Here’s Watney in action.
9-Dragons-Tea-Art Book


You’ll love our new artbook! A labor of love, this artbook showcases glorious images, taking you on a journey through ancient tea rituals and how these practices bring calmness, mindfulness, and tranquility through the ages.

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