A gorgeous Premier Edition 9 DRAGONS TEA art book showcasing ancient tea tasting rituals to promote health, harmony, and hope.

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Introducing 9 Dragons Tea Art Book, the first in a series of accompanying books for the documentary film. Please see a mock-up for the book below. As we are in the initial stages of design, the final look and feel will change for the better — we promise!  

The purpose of making the books are as follows: 

  • To share the love for tea with all the tea lovers around the world.  
  • To support us in the marketing of the film as an independent studio. 
  • To remind us, as living proof, that ignorance is bliss. Because a small group of filmmakers thought it would be super easy to make a tea film. Ha, the joke was on us. This “little tea film” turned out to double in length and took two and half years to complete, with a trillion tea leaves from all the tea we drank…   

Why You’d LOVE This Book

Unlike any tea book, 9 Dragons Tea is a work of historical art in time-lapsed proportions. It is both a visual and visceral experience, taking you through time in the world of tea. First up is our art book. It includes:

  • Exclusive photographs from areas of China with limited access to Westerners
  • Glorious historical paintings that were restored/colored  
  • Original works of art created for the film. 
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes images 
  • Commentaries from the filmmaker on all the creations

Our books celebrate this feature-length documentary film, which included more than 250 historical works of art from over 50 museums, galleries, and public/private collections. These works of art were created by 350-plus artists, representing 18 countries and spanning more than 1,600 years. 

Historical artworks created by artists from 18 countries: China, the Netherlands, England, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, and Peru were showcased in this film. 

Our books stand as a testament that this film project took a global village.
And we made it for you with love.

Pre-order your copy of the Premier edition now. It’ll make a treasured Christmas gift for all the tea lovers in your life. 


Every dollar we generate helps promote the film 9 DRAGONS TEA and our Learn Tea History School Project. We thank you in advance for your support. Please note our merchandise is non-refundable. So please review your order carefully before placing an order. We appreciate your purchase and understanding. Happy thoughts and good sipping.

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