Premium Da Hong Pao Gift Set

The legendary DA HONG PAO – the world’s most expensive tea. Taste the exquisite Rock Terroir of the Wuyi Mountains.

One and Only EXCLUSIVE Gift Set. Total 128 grams. Handcrafted Oolong tea, Da Hong Pao, grown in Wuyishan, China. Made by the venerable Rui Chuan family. This is supreme Wuyi Rock tea.

“To make good tea, one must have good morals.” – Old Daddy, 11th generation heritage Oolong tea master.

Supreme Oolong – Da Hong Pao. Grown in Wuyishan, Fujian of China, and handcrafted by legendary 11th and 12th generation Oolong tea-masters.


Premium Da Hong Pao Gift Set
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Looking for a one-of-kind premium DA HONG PAO Gift Box tea for someone who has everything?

Did you know that DA HONG PAO (or Big Red Robe in Chinese) is the progenator of Oolong tea? Sold at auction at 75X more than the price of gold then, Da Hong Pao ranks the world’s #1 most expensive tea!

One of the six major tea types, Oolong, is a semi-fermented tea invented in Wuyishan, Fujian, China around the mid-1600s by the Buddhist monks. This particular Da Hong Pao is handcrafted by grandmaster Old Daddy, a heritage Oolong tea-maker whose family has been making tea for more than 300-years. Discover why Dahongpao Oolong tea is the world’s most expensive tea.

One gift pack – A total of 128 grams. 16 pouches x 8 grams per pouch.

About DA HONG PAO Oolong Tea

Da Hong Pao is the origin of Oolong tea, a semi-fermented tea. Considered a national treasure in China, DA HONG PAO comes with a mystical origin story. Here are some key facts:

  • One can of 20 grams of Da Hong Pao tea (made from the mother trees in Wuyishan) was enshrined in China’s National Museum in Beijing on October 10, 2007.
  • China awarded Wuyishan’s Oolong tea-making technique a national cultural heritage symbol in 2006. Oolong tea is the only tea-making tradition to have earned such a distinguished honor.
  • Twenty grams of Da Hong Pao tea, from the final harvest of the mother trees in Wuyishan, sold in a Hong Kong auction at about US$21,000, or US$32,600 per ounce.

The legend of Da Hong Pao is so famous it inspires an animated sequence in 9 DRAGONS TEA.

Meet Old Daddy – Heritage Oolong Tea-Master

This Supreme Da Hong Pao tea from Wuyishan’s venerable Huang family is handcrafted using the ancient Oolong tea-making technique. The tea plants are grown in Wuyishan’s choicest tea regions.

Old Daddy, 11th generation Oolong tea-master, is at the helm of Rui Chuan (meaning Sparkling Spring in Chinese)—possibly the oldest and longest-running Oolong tea-making family in Wuyi mountains, Fujian, China. Over 300 years of tea-making has honed their Oolong teas to a light golden, refined elixir, earning the Huang’s a well-deserved brand prestige in China and Asia.

We have the good fortune of filming Old Daddy and his son (whom I call Young Huang) demonstrating the art of Oolong tea-making. The younger Huang showed off on-camera a wok-cleaning move that he learned from the Buddhist monks who invented Oolong tea back in the mid-1600s. According to Young Huang, such a move is no longer in practice. We captured the footage and immortalized it in the film.

Supreme Da Hong Pao By Old Daddy

Heritage tea-masters Old Daddy and sons employed traditional Oolong tea-making techniques to make this exquisite Da Hong Pao tea.

I had the pleasure of tasting Old Daddy’s teas during my filming there. It was pure joy. This exquisite Da Hong Pao gift set is perfect for the tea collector/tea connoisseur seeking to taste the unique Rock Bone Flower Fragrance signature for Wuyishan Oolong teas.

Old Daddy and sons produce Oolong teas exclusively. And Rui Chuan’s teas are hard to come by. The high demand for supreme Oolong teas in China alone makes authentic Wuyishan Da Hong Pao nearly beyond reach for most tea connoisseurs within China, let alone outside the country. To commemorate our film, the Huang family offered me three limited editions of their supreme Oolong teas. And I’d love to share them with the world. You will find them in the store:

*”Kun Jian Cha” means tea growing in Kun Jian—small creek-side areas with indirect sun exposure and well-watered, protected by micro-climate. “Kun Jian” is the best growing area for tea plants. Blessed with an abundance of “Kun Jian,” Wuyishan is one of China’s finest tea regions.

Of all the six types of tea, Oolong tea is the most complicated tea to make. In Wuyi Shan, Oolong tea is synonymous with Wuyi Rock tea. By comparison, tea makers produce Green tea in a day, for example.

Why Wuyi Tea Is Supreme

There are over 800 varietals in the Wuyi mountains. The over-abundance of tea varietals makes Wuyishan the “heart of tea,” in my opinion.

Have you ever heard of the famous poem of 7-Cup by Lu Tong in the Tang Dynasty (about two thousand years ago)? Legend said Lu Tong was tasting Wuyi tea, which he coined the phrase “Rock’s milk.”

The greatest plant-hunter, tea raider ever lived, Robert Fortune called Wuyishan the “land of tea,” where he smuggled the finest tea-seeds, tea-plants, and tea-making secrets from Wuyishan to India. Fortune’s tea-raid in China makes a great final chapter in the film. Learn more about how tea came to India.

Additional Information


Only one gift box available. Total 128 grams. There are 16 pouches at 8 grams per pouch.


Chinese tea connoisseurs taste tea with 8 grams per brew.

Have you heard of Gong Fu Cha? Or Kung Fu Tea, Kung Fu Cha? The Buddhist monks who invented Oolong tea created this taste ritual for the tea. This Zen Tea Ceremony is still in practice today. We enjoyed capturing this ancient tea ritual in Wuyishan filming, and my stress level dissipated as I watched the monks methodically brew the tea.

Wuyi Oolong is famous for its long-lasting brew. Usually, the third brew is the best. Wuyi Rock Tea is so durable, up to 9 or 10 steeps.


Exclusive Perks

Every dollar generated from our store helps us promote the film 9 DRAGONS TEA and our Learn Tea History School Project So thank you in advance for your support. As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive the following complimentary gifts:

  • One signed 9 DRAGONS TEA CLUB Certificate from the director as a club charter member.
  • One private screening (in-home), followed by a tea talk and Q&A session with the film’s director via Zoom.
  • One signed official movie poster by the director.

Thank you for your support! Happy sipping.

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