Cinnamon Oolong Tea Tasting Pack

“Good tea makes me happy!”  Supreme Cinnamon Oolong tea from Wuyishan’s rising upstart female tea-maker Duer.

One Mini Tasting Pack. Sixteen (16) grams of tea, 2 pouches x 8 grams per pouch. Only twelve (12) Mini Tasting Packs available.

Supreme Oolong tea, grown in the mystical Wuyi Mountains of Fujian, China. The Rockstar of Rock Terroir!

Cinnamon Oolong Tea Tasting Pack
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Cinnamon Oolong tea mini tasting pack. This superior Oolong tea has a unique cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon is called “Rui Quay” in Chinese. This golden elixir tea is made by Wuyishan’s rising upstart female tea-maker Duer.

Produced from tea trees grown along the Stream of the 9 Windings. 

One Mini Tasting Pack contains 16 grams of tea, 2 pouches x 8 grams per pouch. Only twelve (12) Mini Tasting Packs available.

About Wuyi Cinnamon Oolong Tea or Rui Quay

This exclusive Rui Quay or cinnamon Oolong tea is a pure joy to taste. Wuyishan landscape is blessed with “Kun Jian,” known as small areas created by rocks or mountains near a creek, thereby getting indirect sunlight with flowing water. Some Kun Jian has its own micro-climates. “Kun Jian” is the best growing area for tea plants. The Wuyi region is filled with Kun Jian, making this pristine green-belt region one of China’s finest tea-growing districts. Rui Quay or Cinnamon Oolong tea is my personal favorite!

What makes Wuyi Rock tea or Wuyi Oolong tea so spectacular is that Wuyishan is the origin of Oolong tea.

Of the six types of tea, Oolong tea-making is the most intricate and complex. This makes Oolong’s traditional handcrafted technique, a highly celebrated art form in China. By comparison, Green teas are made in a day, for instance.

Meet Duer, a rising tea-maker star 

Duer is a promising rising star tea maker in Wuyishan. She runs her tea company from the historic Lower Plum Village in Wuyi. This village marks the beginning of the ancient tea route that flowed Wuyi tea to Japan, Arabia, and Russia during the Qing dynasty. We were fortunate to film the gorgeous Gong Fu Cha Ceremony in her family courtyard. Built more than 400 years ago, the indoor-outdoor courtyard makes a perfect setting for tea tasting. Duer’s Supreme Cinnamon Oolong Rui Quay also comes in a Gift Set.

Other Supreme Oolong Teas From Wuyi

If you seek rare, exquisite Oolong tastes, we offer a few Exclusive Edition Supreme Oolong teas from heritage tea masters in our store:

Oolong tea’s health benefits are well-known among Chinese people.

Why Wuyi Tea Is Supreme

There are over 800 varietals in the Wuyi mountains. The over-abundance of tea varietals makes Wuyishan the “heart of tea,” in my opinion.

Have you ever heard of the famous poem of 7-Cup by Lu Tong in the Tang Dynasty (about two thousand years ago)? Legend said that Lu Tong tasted Wuyi tea. Impressed by the signature taste of “rock terroir,” Lu Tong immortalized Wuyi tea, coining the phrase “Rock’s milk.”

The greatest plant-hunter, tea raider ever lived, Robert Fortune called Wuyishan the “land of tea,” where he smuggled the finest tea-seeds, tea-plants, and tea-making secrets from Wuyishan to India. Fortune’s tea-raid in China makes a great final chapter in the film. Learn more about how tea came to India.

Additional Information


One Mini Tasting Pack contains 16 grams of tea, 2 pouches x 8 grams per pouch.


Chinese tea connoisseurs taste tea with 8 grams per brew.

Have you heard of Gong Fu Cha? Or Kung Fu Tea, Kung Fu Cha? The Buddhist monks who invented Oolong tea created this taste ritual for the tea. This Zen Tea Ceremony is still in practice today. We enjoyed capturing this ancient tea ritual in Wuyishan filming, and my stress level dissipated as I watched the monks methodically brew the tea.

Wuyi Rock Tea or Wuyi Oolong is famous for its long-lasting brew. Usually, the third brew is the best. Wuyi Rock Tea is so durable in a tasting, for me, up to 9 or 10 steeps.


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