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Vanilla Rose Rooibos Tea

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time10 mins

A healthy floral tonic, this Vanilla Rose Rooibos tea recipe is perfect for indulging in the subtle magic of herbal remedies. Rose and rooibos teas are known for their abundant health benefits, including improving skin complexions. So cozy up with this caffeine-free beverage and embrace the divine aroma. Sip & Glow!

vanilla rose rooibos tea

 ½ cup Rooibos tea leaves
 ¼ cup Dried rose petals
 1 Finely diced vanilla bean

Finely dice 1 vanilla bean.


Mix rooibos tea leaves, dried rose petals, and finely diced vanilla beans in a bowl.
If you’re unable to find vanilla beans, a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla bean seeds will work perfectly.


Steep the mixture in hot water until it has reached desired strength.


Sip back and enjoy!

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