Tea Book Club

Do you love tea and books?

Please join us for the Tea Book Club!
A free 60-minute webinar to share thoughts, laughter, and tea joy as we talk about a good book. 

Featured book:
The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.

Journey to the Land of Pu-Erh

Share your favorite story and character moments as you sip your tea! (BYOT)

Get Pu-erh Tea Tips

From how to steep Pu-erh tea to tasting notes and health benefits, pour me some Pu-erh and more!  

Hear Tea Film Talk

Director Christy Hui of 9 Dragons Tea will share stunning behind-the-scenes footage captured in the forbidden regions of Wuyi Shan.

About Christy Hui

It’s not about the tea you drink, but the spirit you bring to your tea drinking. 

Award-winning storyteller Christy Hui is a lifelong tea lover who learned the art of Gong Fu Cha from her father as a young girl in China. Having immigrated to America with her family as a teenager, Christy embraces her traditional Chinese roots with a big dollop of the American dream spirit.

Author of Flying Fillies, Christy infuses her passions for tea and books into the Tea Book Club!


A series of online webinars, the Tea Book Club dedicates each event to one particular book. Participants share their thoughts and insights on a specific book in review.


A 90-minute engaging talk and sharing with fellow tea lovers on stories, characters, and tea about the book in review. You’ll be immersed in tea joy and sharing the love of a good story. 

A cup of humanity brings inner harmony.

So join us. It’s free! 

To ensure an enjoyable experience, we accept 30 participants for each webinar. So book early! First come, first serve.


christy hui on set filming

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