Da Hong Pao

The Grande Cru of Tea

What makes DA HONG PAO (or Big Red Robe in English) the world's most expensive tea? Da Hong Pao is the founding varietal of Oolong, and it comes with its fantastical legend. Meet the Mother Trees of Da Hong Pao, rooted in the mystical Wuyi Mountains.

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Wuyi Shan is famous for producing the world’s most prized tea — Da Hong Pao, an Oolong tea valued at more than $32,000 per ounce, according to the third and final auction held in Hong Kong in 2004. This auction marked the final harvest of tea leaves from the Da Hong Pao mother trees.

Also known as Wuyi Rock tea, Da Hong Pao is synonymous with Wuyi Oolong. This is the origin of Oolong, a semi-fermented tea invented by the monks at the Mother Temple in Wuyi Shan during the Qing dynasty around the mid-17th century.

This old Buddhist temple from the Tang dynasty is forever immortalized. It’s said that the famous poem “7 Cup” by Lu Tong was inspired by tasting Wuyi Rock tea, another name for Wuyi Oolong.

The height of tea mysticism, Da Hong Pao Oolong is steeped in a fantastical origin story, which is the inspiration for the movie title: 9 DRAGONS TEA. The three mother trees stand as China’s national monument. It was said that these celebrated tea trees were guarded by the red guards, 24/7 during the cultural revolution.

Play Video about tea tasting gong fu cha
GONG FU CHA is used to taste Da Hong Pao properly, homegrown in Wuyi Mountains, Fujian China.
Da Hong Pao, a founding variety of Oolong tea, is the most complicated to make among all six types of tea. This is why Da Hong Pao is one of China’s most famous tea brands.
Learn more about the traditional art of tea-making.
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