Wuyi Shan Is Where The Immortals Come To Sip Tea.

What is the significance of Wuyi Shan?

In local culture, Wuyi is where immortals gather to sip tea. The art of tea-making dates back 2,000 years.

In wine-speak, Wuyi is the “burgundy of tea.” Not only is Wuyi Rock tea legendary, but there is also a striking similarity in how the monks started tea-making, just like the Cistercian monks originated wine-making in Burgundy, France.

In both places, the monks turned tea-making or wine-making from a way of life to a path of spiritual enlightenment.s

Origins of Oolong And Black Tea

In the film 9 DRAGONS TEA, you will discover for yourself tea’s evolution in China, with a spotlight on Wuyi Shan, and the origin story of how Wuyi tea-makers invented Oolong and Black tea, called Lapsang Souchong. The tiny cups of tea from this remote region not only dominated Western tastes, but would also change world history.

An UNESCO Heritage Site

One of China’s finest and oldest tea-growing districts, Wuyi Shan boasts a tea culture that has flowed through the Stream of Nine Windings for more than 2,000 years. This rich cultural heritage earns Wuyi Shan a well-deserved spot as China’s fourth mixed UNESCO heritage site for both natural and cultural worlds.

Tea is Religion

Then the art of tea-making spread throughout the southern regions of China. As other districts adopted the drink, people infused tea with local customs. This is why the art of tea-drinking can vary from place to place to this day.

Starting around the 5th and 6th centuries, Chinese tea things sprung up as tea-drinking became more fashionable, including the famous Tang porcelain known as Yue Ware and celadon.d