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Dragons Tea Society

October 1 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

9 Dragons Tea

Are you feeling lonely, disconnected, or simply stressed out of your wits? Why is it that we have digital gizmos that tell us how fast our hearts are beating, yet, our beating hearts are feeling sort of… out of sorts?

You’re not alone. Many of us feel the same way. It’s time we do something about it!  

Let us connect in person virtually (an oxymoron, right?) Get together with other like-minded folks and talk about something we all love–Camellia sinensis…

For her ancient, mystical roots reach deep and wide, connecting us through the ages in her myriad ways befitting kings and queens, emperors and conquerors, power players, and everyday Joes & Janes.

In honor of the film debut of 9 DRAGONS TEA and vast gifts from Camellia – arts and history, culture and taste, solace and warmth – we’re unveiling a one-of-a-kind tea gathering this spring:



A 90-minute tea gathering led by Camellia Ambassador, tea expert, and filmmaker, where you connect online with fellow tea lovers. It’s a zen setting where you sip your tea, hear (and swap) stories, and replenish your personal inner-teacup.

Who should join DRAGONS TEA SOCIETY?

DTS events are perfect for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Tea lovers
  • Destress-seekers
  • Scenic-route takers
  • People people
  • Animal lovers
  • Lounge-pants sporters
  • History buffs
  • Art appreciators
  • Culture explorers
  • Story enthusiasts
  • Film fanatics
  • Enya listeners
  • Zenners (you know who you are)

Is there a dress code for the DRAGONS TEA SOCIETY?

Oh, definitely dress up! From the waist up will be fine 🙂  Sassy, savvy, sultry, whatever floats your teacup. At 9 Dragons Tea, we have a thing for big hair, hats, and homespun humor… So be creative and dress to the Tea!

Where is the DRAGONS TEA SOCIETY held?

We want to embrace the joy of tea together as a group with maximum comfort and safety from home. We’ll send out a Zoom link before the event.

Are DRAGONS TEA SOCIETY events free?

Many things in life are free, like advice, praises, and smiles. These flow freely and abundantly in our events. However, it often costs money to build something amazing. We promise to make the event fee worth every penny. After all, what’s the price tag for joy?

How do I sign up for DRAGONS TEA SOCIETY events?

First, join our Newsletter. We’ll send you an email notification as soon as the tea leaves are lined up and the registration page goes live. Now dust off your favorite teapots, teacups, and get ready to share your family’s tea stories. Or, simply sip tea and listen to ours.

Finally, share this page with someone you love who loves tea. Or, someone who always asks you what to get you for your birthday? Let them gift the event to you.

Until then, happy sipping….

Christy Hui
Director, 9 DRAGONS TEA


October 1
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
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